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Could we change our thinking that people are suffering from stressful/traumatic/painful situations rather than magical words except The Holy Quran.

Yes, it may be done if some evolutionary process occurs in human lives to change chemistry and physiology of the neurotransmitters, to the required level. Then this would surely be the magical world replacing the magical words except the Holy Quran.

The counseling and communication is so a powerful stimulus that if you remove surgically a benign tumor and tell that it is malignant, the patient may die earlier than in whom you remove a malignant tumor and tell that it is benign one.

In short,
1) If you have done agreed on the words of Holy Quran, also beware that on what medical or scientific principles it (Holy Quran) acts and on what principles we have a FIRM belief in the Holy Book?

2) And why do NOT we have a firm belief in the books of other religions which, like Holy Quran, also constitute all the advices and lessons for welfare and well being of the mankind, nothing else?

If some non Muslims do some un-ethical or anti-social activities, like some Muslims do, their religions never, never and NEVER allow them. By the way, religious teachings and rituals of the society and legislative codes of the states are entirely two different entities and no one must confuse here.

If you try to understand these two points (mentioned above) very well, your all difficulties of the question will surely be over.



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