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Posted by: chameed on 19-12-2007
……………………..any clinical knowledge or experience in medicine …………………..

Produce the EVIDENCE which favours your baseless assertion, otherwise it is all RUBBISH what you are trying to proclaim. Till then, I vehemently disagree with you and your supposed exhibitive attitude.

Do not PROCLAIM your stupidities and the corrupted knowledge if you have NONE of the evidence. And don’t try to beat about the bush and try to tell a lie one hundred times to hide just one lie of yours.

Your baseless assertion, supposed exhibition as well as you are hereby put into the huge waste bin.

NO conjecture and NO illicit and inane thinking are admitted at all. So try to develop the proper connoisseurship, if you can.

If you have NO evidence at all then do not be dogmatist and stop quoting your abhorrent and the trashy novel which proves to be no more than a useful tool for sarcasm.

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