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Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan (IDS -P)

In September 1993 a group of like-minded physicians formed the Karachi Infectious Diseases Society (KIDS). It was born out of frustration and dismay over the paucity of local data in infectious diseases (I.D.), resulting in inadequate or erroneous understanding and management of IDs. In March 1999 the KIDS organized an ID meeting in Lahore, and in April 2000 in Peshawar where many new members were added on. The Society was renamed Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan (IDSP). The objectives of the Society were to:

- Develop rapport among physicians and science graduates from diverse backgrounds with interest in ID.

- Conduct clinical trials and gather data regarding both clinical and laboratory aspects. Conduct multi institutional studies in epidemiology, disease pattern, drug trials, etc.

- Study preventive aspects of common IDs practice.

- Study guidelines for improved laboratory diagnoses Study hospital acquired infections

- Encourage inter physician dialogue over common and uncommon IDs.

- Educate physicians, nurses, patients and the community about management and prevention of communicable diseases.

- Organize lectures, seminars/ conferences for dissemination of information. Publish a periodical journal of infectious diseases

Many of these objectives have been met over the course of years. The society represents clinicians in all disciplines in medicine as well as microbiologists and pathologists.

The IDS-P published its first journal in September 1994. This became a quarterly, which continues to be widely read by medical students, trainees and physicians in practice.

The IDS-P has been holding periodic meetings in various hospitals in Karachi where the host hospital presents cases, which experts discuss.

The IDS-P is a non-hierarchical society, which actually functions as a think tank. Any physician, both clinical and nonclinical, as well as any person with a degree in microbiology may apply for membership. All are welcome to communicate ideas and make practical suggestions.

The IDS-P website sends out information regarding its activities. It is also linked to Pakistan Public Health Forum and Vaccine Pakistan, which function independently. We receive each other`s information from Pakistani physicians both within the country and abroad. The email #s are:

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