Raza M W, Gould F K, Kazi B M.
Infection control policies and practice in Pakistan.
J Pak Med Assoc Jan ;51(8):292-5.

OBJECTIVE: Infectious diseases in Pakistan are one of the main contributors to the burden of disease. The objectives of this article were to examine the various facets of the issue and suggest relatively inexpensive improvements. SETTINGS: The status of infections/infectious diseases both in hospitals and community were considered. METHODS: Studies on infectious diseases from Pakistan published in national and international journals were reviewed and compared with those from more advanced countries. Anecdotal observation and common experience provided bases for some of the points made. RESULTS: The article argues for some cost-effective and readily workable infection control measures in hospital and community. Government department and other organizations that can be mobilized to develop policies on the relevant issues have been identified. CONCLUSION: The article highlights the need for establishing surveillance system for infections and antibiotics on which to base further policies. As with some other development in the country, a culture of accountability in healthcare might provide sound basis for future developments.

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