Usman Ahmed, Riaz Akhter, Anjum Khawar, Wajahat Bangash, Muhammad Ajmal.
Audit of head and neck cancer: hospital based statistics of Islamabad.
J Surg Pak Jan ;12(1):34-6.

Head and Neck Cancers are the leading cancer of South East Asia. Because of dietary habits of this region and poor socioeconomic conditions oral cavity cancers and pharyngeal cancers are common respectively. A hospital based cancer registry is maintained from February 2000 to February 2004 in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad and National Oncology Research Institute (NORI), Islamabad. All cancer patients reported in that period examined, staged, biopsied, discussed and treated accordingly. 714 cases were seen, 458 male (64.1%) and 256 females (35.9%). Leading cancer was oral cavity 228 (31.9%), larynx 127 (17.8%), hyopharynx 105 (14%), nose and nasopharynx 69(9.6%) and unknown primary 44 (6.16%). Summing up the results oral cavity and laryngopharyngeal cancers constituted 72.5% of head and neck cancers.

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