Aneela Taj, Rakhshanda Baqai.
Antimicrobial effects of Alum and Sulphur on bacteria isolated from Mineral and Hospital water.
Infect Dis J Jan ;16(1):10-3.

Objective: To determine the purity of different mineral and hospital waters and to evaluate the antimicrobial effects of Alum and Sulphur. Materials and Methods: 50 samples of mineral water of different brands and 50 water samples from different hospitals were analyzed. Detection of parasites was done by Zinc Sulphate Flotation Technique. Bacteriological analysis was done by Membrane Filter Technique and inoculation of selective media by spread plate method. Isolates were identified by standard methods and Quick Test Strip (QTS). Antibiotic sensitivity pattern of isolates was determined by Disc Diffusion Method. Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of Alum and Sulphur was determined by Agar Well Diffusion method. Results: Out of 50 mineral water samples, 42 (84%) and from 50 hospitals water samples, 49 (98%) were contaminated. Parasites were not detected in mineral and hospital water samples. Bacterial isolates from bottled water were Pseudomonas spp. (50%), E.coli (25%), Enterobactor spp (10%), Salmonella typhi (5%), Shigella. dysenteriae (5%) and Aeromonas hydrophilla (5%). In hospital water bacteria isolated were Pseudomonas spp. (47%), Escherichia coli (35%), Enterobactor spp (6%) and S. dysenteriae (10%). Antibiotic sensitivity pattern indicated Cefazidime, Chloramphenicol and Gentamycin was found to be effective against bacteria isolated from mineral and hospital water. MIC of Alum against different bacterial isolates indicated no effect whereas MIC of sulphur was effective against all bacteria except Pseudomonas spp. Conclusion: This study highlights the problems that can arise in general population after consuming contaminated mineral water and in hospitalized patients drinking contaminated hospital water. It is safer to boil the water because boiling effectively killed all the bacteria.

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