Khalid Javeed Khan, Shabir Chohan, Khalid Irshad, Shahzad, Mufassar.
A five year audit of experience with primary repair of colon avoiding diversion procedure.
J Fatima Jinnah Med Coll Lahore Jan ;1(3-4):73-5.

Fifty five patients were included in this descriptive study of primary repair of colonic pathology whether traumatic or non-traumatic. Eighteen cases were done electively in which proper preparation was done and rest of the cases was done in the emergency where no preparation time could be availed. In 32 cases primary anastomosis was done and in 23 cases the primary repair was done without diversion except two cases in elective procedures and three cases in emergency where loop ileostomy was done. These primary repairs were carried out in the patients who don`t have any associated co-morbid factor like shock or other injuries. 45% cases dealt in emergency and 22% cases as elective had septic complication and all except one were managed conservatively. So it was found in the modern era of antibiotics and required facilities, colonic repair can be done without diversion with safety.

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