Kaiser Habib, Jalal S, Pawan Suri, Aslam K, Viqar Jan, Hilal Rather, Sultan Elahi.
Non- ST-elevation Myocardial Infraction in a patient with Essential Thrombocytosis: successful treatment with GP-IIbIIIa inhibitor.
Rawal Med J Jan ;33(2):262-3.

We treated a 37 years old female who has essential thrombocytosis and developed NSTEMI with GPIIb IIIa inhibitors in addition to standard treatment with dual anti platelet therapy, low molecular heparin, beta blocker and ACE inhibitor and had good recovery of left ventricular function without any bleeding complication. Since these patients have both bleeding and thrombotic complications, it is prudent to carefully follow these patients during treatment and on follow up. (Rawal Med J 2008;33:262-263).

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