Nasrolahi S H, Pilevari S H, Neghab N.
Cervical ectopic pregnancy: Successful treatment with methotrexate.
Pak J Med Sci May ;24(4):883-6.

The incidence of cervical ectopic pregnancy varies between 1/2400 to 1/50000 of pregnancies and less than one percent of ectopic pregnancies. Predisposing factors are previous abortion, Asherman syndrome previous caesarian, exposire to DES, leiomyoma IVF. Our patient was a thirty two year`s old lady with menstruation problems for three months and positive Bhcg test and vaginal bleeding. According to physical exam and paraclinical procedures diagnosis of cervical ectopic pregnancy was made and multiple dose of methotrexate was given to the patient with successful outcome.

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