Qamar S Khan, Shaikh Mohammad Shane Din.
Chronic headache;.
Professional Med J Jan ;15(4):508-11.

Radiological imaging modalities are playing vital role for detecting the causes of headache. Unfortunately these investigations are costly and out of reach for common people Conventional radiology is the investigation of chronic headache with ear, nose and throat problem. Water view is most frequently advise for studying the sinuses nasal septum and bony component and is of great help of patient with chronic Headache. Setting: Department of Radiology Dow Medical College. Karachi. Period: Three month prospective study from October 2003—December 2003. Result: Both male and female patients of different age group with complaint of chronic Headache was advised for water view 19 were male while 12 were female. DNS (78%) (Deflected nasal septum) were found to be the main cause of Headache in male and (33%) female shows maxillary sinusitis the main cause of chronic Headache. Conclusion: Conventional radiology is still playing important role for diagnosing the cause of Headache apart from advance imaging modality which is costly and unreachable for common people of developing countries.

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