Samina Jahangir, Mahmood Ali.
Simultaneous Bilateral Cataract Surgery in children – A case report.
Al-Shifa J Ophthalmol Jul ;3(1):27-30.

Purpose: Feasibility of simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery (SBSC) in children with congenital cataract Design of study: A case report. Participants: A one year old female child with bilateral congenital cataract who was brought to outpatient department of Jinnah Hospital Lahore with the complaint of visual inattention. Her general health did not permit repeated general anesthesia and so simultaneous cataract surgery in a single session was planned. No per operative complication occurred and satisfactory visual outcome was achieved. Discussion: There has been a long standing debate whether simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery especially for congenital cataracts is beneficial or not. The greatest concern in this regard is the rare risk of developing bilateral post operative endophthalmitis. However review of literature shows that in selected cases simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery yielded good postoperative results with no serious post operative complications if strict rules of surgical asepsis are followed.

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