Imran, Mukamil Shah, Sania Tanweer Khattak, Alia Nahid Zaidi, Fazli Raziq.
Detection of heterozygous beta thalassaemia in the siblings of known beta thalassaemia major children.
J Postgrad Med Inst Jan ;23(2):135-9.

Objectives: To detect heterozygous beta() thalassaemia trait in the siblings (brothers & sisters ) of known B-thalassaemia major children by haemoglobin (Hb) electrophoresis. Material And Methods: This prospective analytical study was conducted at Postgraduate Medical Institute Lady Reading hospital Peshawar. Subjects were divided into two groups. Group:1 included 60 families consisting of 120 subjects (siblings) of known B-thalassaemia major children as patients and Group:2 included 15 families consisting of 30 children as control group. HBA2 was determined by electrophoresis elution method. The criteria used to fit the diagnosis of beta thalassaemia trait were HbA2 level of 3.6%. Results: Out of 120 siblings of known beta thalassaemia major children, 73(60.83%) were detected as - thalassaemia trait. Three (10%) subjects were identified as beta thalassaemia trait in control group. Conclusion: This study shows that beta thalassaemia trait is more common in the siblings of beta thalassaemia major children as well as it is not uncommon in normal families.

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