Farhat Rashid, Nazia Amjad.
Treacherous ovarian tumors.
Professional Med J Jan ;16(3):463-5.

A 47 years old P7 A0 presented with history of gradually increasing abdominal mass and menorrhagia for the last six months. Pelvic ultrasound showed enlarged uterus with multiple fibroids of varying sizes with bilateral, large ovarian tumours with solid elements and hypoehoic thick fluid with septations. CT scan also confirmed same findings. Staging Laparotomy was performed which confirmed the findings of ultrasound and CT scan. Total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy was done along with peritoneal washings for cytology. Histopathology showed uterine fibroids, simple endometrial hyperplasia and Bilateral Mucinous cyst Adenomas of ovary with no evidence of malignancy.

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