Abdul Salam Malik, Khalil Ahmad Shahid, Munir Ahmad Azhar.
Professional Med J Jan ;16(3):390-4.

Objectives: To assess frequency of obesity among college adolescent male and female students on BMI-Prime bases through anthropometric. Design: Cross sectional study. Setting: At higher secondary colleges located in urban areas of Bahawalpur City. Period: From February 2009 to March 2009 Materials & Methods: Assessment of obesity among 400 college male & female students equally divided, ages from 16 to 23 years was carried out on BMI-Prime bases. Weight categories so achieved were stratified and labeled. Results: There were 3(0.75%) severely under weight, 44(11%) under weight, 273(68.25%) normal, 68(17%) over weight, 9(2.25%) obese and 3(0.75%) were clinically obese. There was no morbidly obese. No statistical gender difference for severely under weight and clinically obese was noted. However females were more under weight (p<0.05) while males were more over weight (P<0.05) and obese (P<0.05) when compared with each other. Conclusion: The adolescent female college students were under weight when compared to their male colleagues. The frequency of obesity was higher among male students.

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