Gr Bajwa, Ahmad Hassan Khan.
Wound infection.
Professional Med J Jan ;16(3):336-40.

Objective: The aim of the study was to evaluate the frequency of infection in clean surgical cases (General & Orthopaedic). Study Design: A descriptive study. Place & Duration of Study: This descriptive study was conducted at department of surgery & orthopaedic DHQ Teaching Hospital Sargodha from July 2007 to Dec, 2008. Patients & Methods: In this study 1500 clean surgical cases were included. Wounds were examined on third post operative day and then regularly after removal of stitches. Surgical wounds were examined finally on fifteenth post operative days. Description of wound condition and detailed data of patients were collected on preformed performas. Patients with wound infection developed pain at operation site and fever on third post operative day. Wounds were examined for swelling, redness, discharge; stitch abscess. Routine investigations were done as per protocol ie complete blood examination, complete urine examination, blood sugar, C-reactive proteins etc. Wounds swab was taken for microscopy and culture sensitivity. Results: This study was carried out on fifteen hundred clean surgical cases (General & Orthopaedic). There were 1064 males and 436 females. Male to Female ratio was 2.4: 1. Infection was detected in 110 patients (7.3%) while no infection was found in 1390. Infection was maximum in patients more than 60 yrs of age (10.9%). Wound infection was minimum in young patients (3.5%).commonest micro organism isolated from the infected wound was staphylococcus areus. Other organism isolated was streptococcus pyogenes, proteus and pseudomonas. No MRSA was detected. Conclusion: In our case study clean cases were found generally free of infection especially young patients. Whereas increased incidence of infection was noted in old patients. Wound infection is associated with significant morbidity in the form of delayed wound heeling, prolonged hospital stay and increased economical pressure on the patient.

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