Shahid Hasan, Tanzeela Akram, Nasir Aziz, Mohammad Tariq, Sadia Zafar, Zafar Ali.
Role of faculty development in recent advances in medical education.
J Allama Iqbal Med Coll Jan ;7(4):25-9.

Background: By faculty development, we mean a systematic process to improve the skills of medical school faculty in educational skills, leadership skills and personal development. Objective: To present a comprehensive summary of an important branch of medical education. Methodology: Based on guiding principles, two studies were carried out, first in basic sciences and other in two training hospitals. In case no.1, different teaching regimes were used for teaching of a difficult topic whereas, in case no.2, doctors were asked to devise a teaching plan of their own and then implement it in teaching. Results: In case no.1, the number of students scoring below 40% fell dramatically from 38 in session 2006-2007 to only 13 in session 2007-2008. This data does indicate an overall improvement in the results. In case no.2, session 1996-2002, 53 training residents appeared in the professional licensing exams out of 64 and 22 residents passed their exams. In session 2003-2007, 46 residents appeared out of 58, and 38 residents passed the exams. These results indicated an increase in the pass percentage. Conclusion: Interactive study method is much more effective than simply delivering a lecture and the gap between theory and practice is bridged when residents were asked to directly interact with patients, presenting cases in conferences and mutual discussion.

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