Jayakar Thomas, Hok Kumar N Ashok, Manoharan D, Cynthia S, Lva Prabu K Selva, Hwak Ahmed N Ashwak.
A study of comorbid conditions in psoriasis.
J Pak Assoc Derma Jan ;19(4):200-2.

Objective: To study the association of psoriasis with various comorbid conditions. Patients and methods: Hundred consecutive patients with psoriasis were included in the study. Complete physical examination was done. Blood pressure monitoring was done in all patients. Blood sugar (fasting), fasting lipid profile and thyroid function test were done in all patients. Results: A total of 52% of patients had some comorbidity in our study. Hypertension was present in 13% while diabetes mellitus was seen in 8% of patients. Both diabetes and hypertension was seen in 12% of patients. 7% of patients were obese. Thyroid disorder and ischemic heart disease were seen in 4% of the patients each. Lipid abnormalities were seen in 4% of patients. Conclusion: All patients with psoriasis should be monitored for associated comorbid conditions. For effective management of psoriasis and related comorbidities, an integrated approach targeting both cutaneous and systemic inflammation may be beneficial.

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