Najma Javed, Nosheen Zaidi, Mumtaz Ali Khan.
To assess the relations between breast feeding and illness in children under two years of age with particular reference to respiratory tract infections.
Pak J Med Res Jan ;47(4):92-4.

Objectives: The study was carried out to examine the relation between the breast feeding and morbidity as a result of respiratory illness and infection in the children less than two years of age. Materials and Methods: This is a prospective analysis of 131 children attending the outdoor peadriatic department of Federal Government Services Hospital, Islamabad during the month of February 2006. A close ended pretested questionnaire was filled after taking informed consent from patient’s parents. Results: Out of total 131 enrolled cases (76 male and 55 female) 62 (47%) were breast fed; 56 (43%) bottle fed; while 13 (10%) had mix feeding. Among 38 children, having past history of respiratory tract infections episodes in last one month, only 04 (10%) were breast fed and remaining 34 (90%) were either bottle fed or had partial breast feeding. Out of 62 breast fed children, only 04 (6%) had recurrent episodes of respiratory tract infections, on the other hand out of 56 bottle fed 32 (57%) had previous history of respiratory illness. Conclusions: In our study there is a significant correlation between breast feeding and reduction in number of respiratory tract infections episodes. Predominant breast feeding for at least six months and partial breast feeding for up to one year may reduce the prevalence and subsequent morbidity of respiratory illness and infection in infancy.

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