Muhammad Akbar Nizamani, Abrar Ali Shaikh.
Practices Among Mothers Regarding Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) Used in Children Under 5 Years of Age Attending Paediatrics OPD.
Med Channel Jan ;5(1):19-24.

In Pakistan diarrhoea is claiming about 2,28,000 deaths of children below five years of age each year. To cope up with this grave situation and to correct dehydration, ORS has been promoted in Pakistan since 1983. To determine the present practices of mothers regarding ORS 300 mothers with children under five years of age were interviewed at ORT corner Paediatrics OPD Peoples Medical College Nawabshah. 64% mothers were below 30 years of age, 70% mothers were illiterate. Regarding occupation of the mothers. 94% mothers were housewives, 3% teachers and 3% doing labor jobs. Regarding knowledge about ORS: 47.6% mothers had accurate knowledge about ORS, 72% mothers prepared ORS from whole of the packet and 28% mothers prepared ORS from part of the packet. Only 8% mothers had accurate knowledge about preparation of Sugar Salt Solution. 43% mothers procured ORS from medical stores. 64% mothers got instructions for preparation of ORS from doctors. 89% mothers used ORS in every case of diarrhoea. 90% mothers did not change the frequency of breast feeding while administering ORS. 8% mothers administered some other kind of fluids in diarrhoea of which rice water, lassi, cow`s milk, yogurt and khichri were most popular. 72% mothers preferred to administer ORS at home while 28% mothers utilized ORT corner facility along with home to administer ORS. 78% mothers continued ORS administration in vomiting also along with diarrhoea while, 66% mothers administered ORS by means of spoon. The results indicate that Clear and Crisp Health Education messages are needed.

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