Asma Tanveer Usmani, Fehmida Shaheen, Nabeela Waheed.
Laparoscopic Evaluation Of Female Infertility.
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jan ;45(2):63-5.

This was a prospective study of 69 cases of female infertility, 43 of these were of primary infertility and 26 cases had secondary infertility. In our series tubal factor predominated the aetiology accounting for 26 cases (37.6%). Polycystic ovarian disease accounted for 18 cases. In 5 cases, the ovaries although normal looking were nonovulatory. Endometriosis was found in 3 cases. Fibroids were found in 4 cases. Four cases had significant hyperprolactinemia. Five cases had uterine abnormalities. No cause was found in 13 cases. We are of the opinion that double portal laparoscopic evaluation is the method of choice for investigation of female infertility. It yields much better results than hysterosalpingography and abdominal ultrasound. Our study also highlighted the role of genital tract infection as being a major aetiological factor of female infertility.

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