Muhammad Ashraf, Rehan Ahmad Lodhi.
Blood component support in the management of serious hematological disorders.
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jan ;61(2):271-4.

Objectives: To study the current blood transfusion trends in patients undergoing treatment for serious haemotological disorders and stem cell transplantation. Study Design: Descriptive study Place and duration of study: Armed Forces Institute of Transfusion (AFIT) from January 2008 to December 2008. Material and Methods: Data of 719 patients receiving blood components support in Army Forces Bone Marrow Transplant Centre (AFBMTC) was analyzed. Patient’s characteristics and type / frequency of blood component requirement were noted. Any reaction associated with blood transfusion was recorded on separate proforma. Results: A total of 16767 units of different blood products were issued from AFIT to AFBMTC during a period of 12 months. Post transplant patients constituted the bulk of transfusion requirement in AFBMTC. The main bulk transfusion were made up of platelets (10949 units), followed by RCC’s (2720 units) and FPP’s (3477 units). Acute febrile reaction was seen in 03patients following RCC transfusion and in one patient following platelet transfusion. Conclusion: The requirement of blood components in patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation and suffering from serious haemtological disorders is enormous. Prompt and safe supply of blood components is the life line for batter result management in these patients.

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