Shereen Mohammad, Muhammad Irfan Shereen, Muhammad Haroon, Akhtar Ali.
Kinetic studies of erythrocytes acetylcholinesterase with other diagnostic parameters in chronic renal failure.
J Med Sci May ;21(2):88-92.

Objective: To describe the relationship between an Enzyme acetyl cholinesterase (Ach.E, EC. activity and other diagnostic parameters (urea, creatinine ) used for diagnosing renal failure. Material and Methods: The activity of the enzyme Ach.E of different ages (both males & females) was estimated in about 200 admitted renal failure patients along with other diagnostic parameters (urea and creatinine) in the nephrology unit of P.G.M.I. Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar, by using Michaelis Menten kinetic parameters aKm (which shows the affinity of the enzyme towards the substrate) and aVm (which shows the rate of reaction ) in pre dialyzed blood of patients suffering from chronic renal failure by the method of Ellman Gl. at 30C0 and pH 7.4, using acetylthiocholine iodide as a substrate. The activity of the enzyme was consolidated by a computerized program. Results: The parameters (aKm & aVm) were found to be different from the normal in pre dialysed blood and activity of the enzyme was also low in all cases. A comparative set up was established among urea, creatinine, Hb% and activity of the enzyme Ach.E. The values of aKm, aVm, urea, creatinine, Hb and activity of the enzyme were 22,77,45,1.5 and 100% respectively in normal individuals, while these values were changed according to the severity of the diseases, resulting low activity of the enzyme. Conclusion: This enzymatic technique has an advantage to show us, the activity of Acetylcholinesterase active site is externally oriented in the membrane of red blood cells, therefore any change occurring in the vicinity of the membrane will affect the activity of enzyme. This change can be used as a marker for the diagnosis and prognosis of disease.

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