Khalid Hussain Qureshi, Riaz Ahmed, Qadeer Ahmad.
Role of clean intermittent self catheterization (CISC) after internal optical urethrotomy in preventing recurrence of urethral stricture.
Pak J Med Res Jan ;40(4):114-6.

Fifty men suffering from urethral stricture were treated by internal optical urethrotomy (IOU) and the patients were then randomized to perform clean intermittent self catheterization (treatment group; n=30) or follow up only (control group; n=20) for 12 months. In treatment group twenty patients completed study while in control group 18 patients completed study. Recurrence rate among treatment group was 20% and in control group 77.78%. This showed that CISC after IOU can decrease the incidence of uretheral stricture significantly.

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