Jan Muhammad Memon, Roshan Ali Solangi, Imamuddin Baloch, Fique Memon M Rafique, Ali Gohar Bozdar, Syed Qaisar Hussain Naqvi.
Frequency of causes of primary postpartum haemorrhage in a tertiary care hospital.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;21(1):27-32.

Objectives: To compare the effectiveness of single layer serosubmucosal (extramucosal) continuous / interrupted intestinal anastomosis. Design: Prospective comparative study. Setting: Department of surgery Nawabshah Medical College Hospital Nawabshah and GMMC Hospital sukkur. Study Period: From January 2007 to January 2012. For period of 6 year. Subject: Total of 174 patients undergoing construction of intestinal anastomoses. Evaluation: For anastomotic leakage. Results: Overall 13 (7.47%) patients developed anastomotic leakage, 3 (1.72%) patients had sub-clinical and 10 (5.74%) clinical (obviously) anastomoitc leak-age. 7 (8.04%) patients and 6 (6.89%) developed anastomotic leakage, in group “A” and “B” respectively. Conclusion: Anastomotic failure is a reflection of operating skills, decision making of surgeon and post-operative care. There is no significant difference in anastomotic dehiscence between continuous and interrupted single layer serosubmucosal technique if patients selection is proper, however interrupted method is comparatively easy to construct in less accessible site.

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