Ejaz A Khan.
When not to Use Antibiotics? - A simple guide for prevention of misuse of antibiotics.
Infect Dis J Jan ;21(2):438-42.

Antibiotics are lifesaving but have been misused so much that they are losing their utility due to major resistance emerging worldwide. Physicians, general practitioners, pediatricians and other disciplines are all equally responsible for this inappropriate misuse in mostly viral infections due to many reasons. However, simple key points of signs and symptoms in history, physical examination, vaccination status, exposure, epidemiology like age or season, underlying immunosuppression or previous treatment history will allow judicious use of antibiotics for common infections. The prudent physician must balance the risks and benefits of treating with antibiotics versus not treating a particular illness episode in an individual child especially if viral in origin. Emphasis must be on understanding that common viral infections do not require use of antibiotics. Here we will review some of the factors that will help in curtailing the misuse of antibiotics in common practice and reduce its associated adverse outcome.

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