Yar Muhammad, Sirajuddin Khoso, Khalid Masood Gondal, Shahid Alam.
Contributing factors in limb salvage after arterial reconstruction in peripheral arterial injuries.
Pak J Surg Jan ;30(1):74-7.

Introduction: Th e treatment of the peripheral arterial injuries may be associated with signifi - cant morbidity like amputation. Th is study highlights patient related factors which contribute to limb salvage or loss in our population. Objective: To determine the frequency of factors contributing to the limb salvage aft er arterial reconstruction in trauma patients. Design: Descriptive case series. Sett ing and duration: Surgical fl oor of Mayo Hospital, Lahore, two years from 15/9/2011 to 15/9/2013. Methods: Th is study included 100 patients of both gender and age more than 12 years with peripheral arterial injuries. Th e patients were observed for diff erent contributing factors like revascularization in < 6 hours, associated bony injury, venous injury and penetrating trauma. Treatment options included primary repair, end to end anastomosis and reverse venous graft - ing. Results: Th e duration of revascularization < 6 hours was seen in 65 (65%) patients, penetrating injury in 82 (82%) patients, associated bony injury in 31 (31%) and associated venous injury in 42 (42%) patients. Primary repair was done in 27 (27%) patients, end to end anastomosis in 42 (42%) patient and reverse venous graft in 31 (31%) patients. Conclusion: It is concluded that penetrating injury was the most common contributing factor preceding revascularization < 6 hours.

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