Shama Asghar, Rabia Butt, Syed Imtaiz Ahmed Jafari, Alina Nasir, Syed Adeel Ahmed.
Frequency Of Dental Caries On Individual Tooth Surfaces Of First Permanent Molars Between 6-13 Years Old Children.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;5(1):16-9.

ABSTRACT Objective: To determine the frequency of dental caries of first permanent molars and compare its distribution by age, arch and involved surface of the tooth. Materials and Methods: This observational study was carried out in the Operative Department of Bahria Dental College, Karachi during the period of January2014 -December 2014.Total of two hundred and twenty one first permanent molars were examined for caries on different tooth surfaces. (Occlusal, Mesial, Distal, MOD).Children were divided into three groups on the basis of their ages .Data was entered in SPSS version 17 for descriptive analysis and to check statistically significant relationship between different age groups and involved surfaces of the tooth. Result: There were 134 males and 87 females. Frequency of caries in left mandibular first molars was 33.50%, highest among all molars. In 6-8 years old children, frequency of caries was 14%, this percentage increased to 41.63% in 9 to 11 years old, and further increased to 44.34% in 12-13 year old children. Highest occurrence of caries was observed on the occlusal surface 50% in all age groups, followed by MOD surface 21.74%.%. Significant relationship was found between ages and involved surface of teeth with p-value 0.000. Conclusion: Based on this study’s results, it can be concluded that the risk of developing caries on the permanent first molars’ occlusal surfaces was high around the age of 12 year. Keywords: Caries First permanent molars Occlusal caries Mesial surface Distal surface

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