Abdul Rauf Goraya, Haroona Khalil, Muhammad Shahbaz Chaudhry, Yar Muhammad, Abdul Majeed Chaudhry.
Role of Apronectomy Combined with Repair in Incisional Hernia.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;8(2):128-30.

This is a prospective study carried out at the East and North Surgical Units of Mayo Hospital, Lahore with a view to assess the outcome of repairing incisional hernia combined with apronectomy in obese patients. A total of 40 patients were obese with body mass index (BMI) more than 25. The medical examination of all these patients was done in detail. It was noted that the incidence of incisional hernia was closely related to the amount of abdominal fat. If proper technique of repair and apronectomy is adhered to and wound infection is prevented or controlled. The incidence of recurrence of incisional hernia can be greatly reduced and good cosmetic results can also be achieved.


thats crap,how does reducing subcutaneos fat help heal fascia
Posted by: nahmed on Aug 2003

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