Ammara Farooq, Muzna Patel, Sadaf Ahmed, Shamoon Noushad.
Obesity as a noticeable cause of physical stress; a study on relationship of physical exertion and cardiovascular parameters.
Int J Endorsing Health Sci Res Jan ;4(1):39-44.

Introduction Physical tension is a response to environmental pressures, needs or demands or any vigorous bodily activity leading in altering physiological responses, is counted as physical stress such as aerobics, work outs, injury or aches. It may also count on physical traumas as cuts, burns, sprains, broken bones, surgery etc. In other words physical stress is bodily response to substantial pressures such as exertion, noise, illness or exercises. Methodology The purpose of this study is to observe the severity of physical stress in individuals with respect to their BMI, subjects were assessed pre & post for blood pressure and pulse while Physical stress scores were calculated through Sadaf stress scale (SSS), the data was then analyzed using SPSS 19.0. Results showed that physical stress increases with increased BMI while it also shows significant difference in obese individuals presystolic and pre diastolic with post systolic and post diastolic pressures. Conclusion From this study we conclude that BMI is directly proportional to physical stress. So maintenance of normal body weight is the utmost requirement for healthier life.

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