Diya Ram Khatri, Farzana Memon, Reja Tirmizi, Quratul Ain, Daud Mirza.
Role of Different Functional Parameters in Gratification of Denture Wearing Patients.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll May ;6(3):160-5.

ABSTRACT: Objective:To assess the overall satisfaction and to evaluate complications in removable denture patients, during different functional movements. Materials and Methods: This descriptive study was done on 180 patients who were restored with removable complete and partial prosthesis. They were analyzed on the basis of a specific questionnaire related to the use of denture and post-insertion follow-ups. For each patient, relevant history was recorded along with oral and a thorough examination of prosthesis they were using. A four-grade scale criteria was used for evaluation and standardization of the study, in terms of different functions and level of comfort. Result:Most of the examined patients showed their satisfaction from their prosthesis.The degree of satisfaction seemed to be directly related to the duration of denture wearing that is the older the denture got, more satisfactory the results were shown. Patients with shorter duration of treatment or those who were recently given the prosthesis, presented with more dissatisfaction and complain about their functional abilities with dentures, while the complains were gradually resolved with passage time as patients got used to them. Conclusion:Majority of the patients showed their gratification with their dentures, which were judged as satisfactory by the dentist. There was a difference between the retention of the upper and lower dentures however in a level of satisfaction with their dentures in different functions like chewing and speaking. Keywords: Prosthesis, Mastication, Speech, Patient’s satisfaction, Prosthetic complications

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