Rafique Ahmed Soomro, Khalida Naz Memon, Syed Murtaza Ali.
Tetanus Toxoid (TT-2) Coverage & its Associated Socio-demographic Factors among Married Women of Reproductive Age in Urban & Slum Areas of Hyderabad.
Med Forum Jan ;3(2):68-71.

Background: Neonatal tetanus is vaccine preventable infection & a cause of neonatal mortality in our country. TT-vaccination of women at child bearing age can safeguard women & reduce neonatal mortality. Objectives: To assess the TT-2 coverage among women at reproductive age in Hyderabad urban & slum areas. To determine the socio-demographic risk factors influencing the TT-vaccination coverage. Study Design: A community based cross sectional study Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted in Hyderabad city areas (Gari Khata, Noorani Basti), Latifabad Unit No: 5, 11, 12 & Qasimabad (Phase I, Sehrish Nagar, Nasim Nagar) from 15th June-15th August 2014. Materials and Methods: 220 women of child bearing age were approached through convenience sampling. Questionnaire based interviews & examining the vaccination cards were study tools. Data comprised of categorical & continuous variables & was analyzed by SPSS Version 16. Categorical variables were analyzed by chi-square test; mean & standard deviation was calculated for continuous variables & were analyzed by applying student t-test. The p-value ≤ 0.05 was taken as level of significance for associations. Results: TT-2+ coverage was 40.9 percent; 29.1% women were not ever TT-vaccinated. Significant associations were observed between TT-2 coverage & ante-natal visits (p=0.04), educational level (p=0.05); socio-economic class (p=0.02) & women’s working status (p=0.01); Age & parity were not associated (p= 0.09 & 0.31 respectively). Most common reason for non-vaccination was unawareness about TT-vaccination schedule (30.5%). Conclusions: Low TT-2 coverage in slum areas of Hyderabad demands attention of health care providers to help improve the situation.

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