Muhammad Younas.
Efficacy of 5% Lignocaine Ointment in Reducing the Post-Operative Pain due to Intra-Nasal Packs.
Med Forum Jan ;3(2):15-7.

Objective: To determine the efficacy of 5% lignocaine ointment in reducing the post-operative pain following nasal surgery with bilateral intra - nasal packs. Study Design: Randomized, Prospective, Control study. Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the ENT Department, Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Teaching Hospital Abbottabad from July 2011 to June 2012. Patients and Methods: A total of 120 patients , who underwent Septoplasty were included in the study .Patients were separated into Group A (n- 40 ), these patients were having intranasal packs soaked with Liquid paraffin. Group B (n- 40 ), these patients were packed with 5% lignocaine ointment ,and Group C, (n -40 ),in this one side of the nasal cavity was packed with liquid paraffin (C1) and the other side with 5 % lignocaine ointment (C2) .In all three groups the intranasal packs were removed after 24 hrs. The severity of post operative pain and the amount of analgesics required by each group calculated. Results : In group B ( n- 40 ) the mean VAS was 5.60+-2.40 as compared to 7.27+-1.881 in group A and 7.40+-1.033 (C1 ), 6.62+-1.764( C2).in group C at 6hrs post operatively. The mean VAS at 24 hrs post operatively in group B was 6.63+-1.125, significantly lower than group A (7.15+-1.252 ) and group C1 (6.07+-1.023).,C2( 4.90+-1.236). The mean time to first request for rescue analgesia was significantly prolonged in group B, 220.53+-42.12 min as compared to 148.32+-32.45 min.(group A ) , and 190.61+-35.45 min. (group C). The total analgesia (Diclo fenac sodium) required post-operatively was 175.32+-14.13mg in group B , as compared to 225.14+-25.73mg (group A) and 200.16+-41.89mg (group C). Conclusion :Topical use of lignocaine ointment is safe and may have a significant role in the relief of pain due to post- operative nasal packing.

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