Muhammad Ayaz, Khawaja Ehtesham Ahmad.
Anaemia and In-Hospital mortality in chronic heart failure patients.
J Cardiovascular Dis Jul ;12(3):51-5.

OBJECTIVE:To determine the association between anaemia and in hospital mortality in patients with chronic heart failure. MATERIAL AND METHODS:This cross sectional study was conducted at Punjab institute of cardiology, Lahore. 300 patients presenting in emergency department of the hospital with the diagnosis of heart failure (NYHA class III-IV) were included in the study .Patients were randomly divided into two groups. Group 1 included anaemic patients according to the protocol (Hb less than10g/dl). Group II patients were non anaemic with normal Hb levels. Both groups received standard medical therapy (ACEI, β-blockers, diuretics) for heart failure. We observed the complications, in hospital mortality and outcome in these patients. Patients were followed up for three days in respective wards of the hospital regarding the complications and outcome. RESULTS: In Group 1, 68(45%) patients expired in the hospital While in Group II 41(27.5%) expired .Total no. of patients who died were 109(36.3%). In Group 1 83(55.0%) patients were discharged while in group 2 108(72.5%) patients were discharged from hospital.Total no. of patients discharged from the hospital were 191(63.7%). CONCLUSION: Anaemia increases the mortality and morbidity in heart failure patients. KEY WORDS: Anaemia, in hospital mortality and heart failure.

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