Jan-e Alam, Haroon-ul Rashid, Anwar Khan Wazir.
Vitamin `D` Deficiency And Human Body.
J Med Sci May ;24(2):73-6.

Objectives: To study deficiency of vitamin “D”and its effects on human body. Material & Methods: The study was conducted in a local private clinic situated in Hayatabad from January 2015 to May 2015. Five hundred subjects were included in the sample which consisted of 250 males and 250 females. These subjects presented to the clinic due to any major or minor illness. These subjects also included those who had or had no body aches. Samples of blood were also collected from these patients by venupuncture by disposable syringe after overnight fasting in mooring. 4 ml of blood sample was taken which was stored at -18°C till the time the sample was analyzed. The variables which were studied are age, gender, serum levels of vitamin “D”, serum calcium levels and past history of any pain in bones. SPSS-version-10 for windows was used to analyse the study. P value of <0.05 was considered to be significant statistically. Results: In 75.5% of the patients included in sample had vitamin “D” deficiency, 9.5% of them were having levels of vitamin “D” within normal range while 15% among the sample patients were in the category of vitamin “D” insufficiency. There was a prevalence of 90.5% of vitamin “D” deficiency and insufficiency overall. 163 (32.6%) patients were presented with the complaints of body aches while remaining 337 (67.4%) patients were having no complaints of body aches. Serum calcium levels were in normal range in all patients which were included in the sample. Conclusion: The dietary insufficiency and lack of exposure to sunlight being the major causes of vitamin D deficiency in humans.

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