Mushtaq Ahmed, Muhammad Attaulllah Khan, Mahmud Aurangzeb, Muhammad Muslim, Muhammad Zarin, Nisar Ahmed, Saqib Saleem Afridi, Hazrat Amin.
Computed Tomography Severity Index As An Early Prognostic Tool For Acute Pancreatitis.
J Med Sci Jun ;23(4):260-3.

Objective: To study the prognostic value of Computed Tomography Severity Index (CTSI) in acute pancreatitis. Material and Methods: A prospective observational study was conducted in surgical A unit of Khyber Teaching Hospital from September 2011 to July 2014. All patients with diagnosis of acute pancreatitis underwent CT abdomen with pancreatic protocol after 48 hours of admission to define CTSI. Ranson score was established for comparison with CTSI. Patients with moderate and severe acute pancreatitis were managed in ICU and complications and mortality were recorded in a systematic manner. Results: Eighty three patients were admitted with acute pancreatitis. Overall complication rate was 49 % and mortality rate was 5%. Complications rate and mortality were 35% and 0% for CTSI of 0 to 3, 75% and 16% for CTSI of 4 to 6, and 100% and 35% for CTSI of 7 to 10, respectively. Early CTSI on admission correlated well with complications, outcome and necessity for ICU care and was found superior to Ranson score. Conclusion: Establishment of early CTSI is a valuable tool in planning management and predicting outcome of patient with acute pancreatitis.

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