Mukhtiar Ali, Tahir Jan, Habib-ur Rehman, Saeed Ullah Jan.
Awareness & Utilization Of Electronic Information Resources Among Medical Students.
J Med Sci May ;23(4):238-41.

Objective: The main objective of this research study is to find out the awareness and utilization of electronic resources by the KMC students. Material and Methods: The total number of students in the KMC is 1484 who are enrolled in MBBS program. A random sample of 150 students from various programs of Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences was selected. Results: Results shows that 74 % of total population studied was males and only 26% of total were females, who can use internet and e-resources for different purposes. The majority of medical students, i.e. 121 (93 %) have access to computers but whereas a few of the respondents, i.e. 09 (7%) are not having access to computer. Computer literacy that majority of the medical students, i.e. 46 (35.5%) are enough to do their work on computer, similarly 35 (27.0%) of the respondents are good, 30 (23.0%) of the respondents are very good and 12 (9.0%) of the respondents to excellent, However a very less number of medical students i.e. 07(5.5%) have poor computer skills. Access to Internet that the majority i.e. 117 (90%) of respondents have access to internet, while only 13(10.0%) of the respondents has no access to internet. The majority of respondents under observation i.e. 48 (37.0%) are spent 1-2 hour on internet, 28(21.5%) of respondents spend less than 1 hour and 2-3 hour respectively, while 16(12.0%) of respondents spend more than 4 hours and only 10(8.0%) of the total respondents spend 3-4 hour on internet daily. The majority 116 (89.0%) of the study participants use the search engines to retrieve information they need for their study to quench the trust of knowledge, while only 14(11.0%) of the respondents not use the search engines. The result shows that 24% of the Khyber Medical College are mostly using the British Medical Journals database for their study, Similarly 22% of respondents are using Pub-Med Journals, 19% of the respondents are using Journal of American Medical Association, 17% of the respondents use New England Journal of Medicine, 5% of the respondents are use Springer-Link database, 5% of the respondents are use Wily-Blackwell Journal, 4% of respondents use Ebrary, and the lowest 4%, of the respondents use Taylor & Francis Journal. Conclusion: The library should start regular orientation program for the newly admitted MBBS students, this will increase the usage of electronic resources.

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