Hayat Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Naeem, Naeem Ullah, Faiz-ur Rehman, Muhammad Asad, Nasreen Rajab.
Noise induced hearing loss and psychomotor changes due to high intensity sound in industrial workers.
J Med Sci May ;23(3):150-2.

Objectives: To determine Noise induced hearing loss in industrial workers in a ceramic industry with comparison to office workers working in a quite environment. Material and Methods: A comparative cross sectional study was conducted in industrial workers with comparison to office workers. Sixty workers of a ceramic industry were compared with same number of office workers. Variable like Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), blood pressure, pulse rate and sleep were compared using chi square test. The study was conducted from February 2014 to September 2014. Results: Out of 60 industrial workers and 60 office workers, 43% industrial workers and 20% office workers showed significant NIHL. Blood pressure and pulse rate were significantly high among industrial workers. Sleeping hours were reduced in industrial workers. NIHL was reduced among those workers using ear plugs. Conclusion: Hearing loss is the major public health problem in industrial workers all over the world. Proper protective measures can prevent occupational hazards in industrial workers.

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