Khadija Iqbal.
Comparison Of Histological Changes On Immobilization And Remobilization In Articular Cartilage Of Patella And Suprapatella In Rats.
Isra Med J Jan ;8(2):76-8.

OBJECTIVE: To study the histological changes on immobilization and remobilization in articular cartilage of patella and suprapatella in rats STUDY DESIGN: An Observational study st st PLACE & DURATION: The study was carried out at the animal house College of Physician & Surgeons Islamabad from 1 Aug 2010 to 31 Dec 2010. METHODOLOGY: Thirty male Sprague Dawley rats were procured from animal house NIH Islamabad. These animals were divided into two groups. Ten rats were included in control group and twenty in experimental group. Animals in experimental group were immobilized in plaster of paris cast. After four weeks ten rats were sacrificed. In remaining ten the plaster was removed and they were remobilized for four weeks. The slides were observed for necrotic patches, loss of staining and inflammatory cells. RESULTS: On four weeks immobilization suprapetalla showed small necrotic patches in the centre while in patella vertical splits were seen. 10% of the patella showed loss of staining in matrix while 80% of suprapatella had lost staining in matrix.20% of the suprapatella showed invasion of the inflammatory cells. When remobilized for four weeks necrotic patches were seen in suprapatellar and in patella vertical splits were also present in all of the specimen. Loss of staining was also seen in all of the specimen. CONCLUSION: Suprapatellar cartilage in rats responds more to the immobilization stress as compared to patella. The equal duration of remobilization as compared to immobilization is not sufficient for regeneration both in patella and suprapatella. A much longer duration of remobilization as compared to immobilization is required for reversibility.

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