Muhammad Haseeb Rana, Gotam Das, Naveed Innayat, Nadia Munir, Khawaja Rashid Hassan.
Correlation of the Camper Planes with Respect to Occlusal Plane in Prosthodontic Rehabilitation.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll May ;7(1):36-9.

Objective: To measure the mean camper planes I, II and III with reference to the occlusal plane to determine the smallest angle in Prosthodontic rehabilitation. Methodology: This study was carried out in the department of Prosthodontics, de’ Montmorency College of Dentistry and Punjab Dental Hospital, Lahore from 19th May to 18th November 2012. Total 50 patients were included. Cephalometric radiographs were taken. On Cephalogram angles were measured between Camper’s I, II, and III with occlusal plane. All measurements were calculated and data analysis was done by using SPSS version 17. Result:Mean Camper plane I-OP was 1.670±0.94, Camper plane II-OP was 2.600±1.07 and mean for Camper plane III-OP was 3.60o±1.19. Conclusion: According to this study, angle between Camper’s I (superior border of the tragus to the lowest point of ala) was most precise in orienting the occlusal plane. Key words: Camper’s Plane, Occlusal Plane, Prosthodontic Rehabilitation.

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