Haoon Latif, Yousuf Latif Khan, Rameen Makhdoom, Abdul Rahman Khawaja.
Outcome of Assisted Reproductive Technology in Women Aged 40 Years and Older: An Analytic Study from Life Clinic Lahore Pakistan.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jun ;6(4):204-8.

ABSTRACT: Objective: To find out the impact of woman's age on the number of retrieved oocytes, embryos obtained, embryo`s transferred, pregnancy, abortion and cancellation per cycle. Materials and Methods: In this study in-vitro fertilization(IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) cycles were completed. Number of oocytes retrieved, embryos obtained and transferred were observed along with rates of cancellation, pregnancy and abortion per cycle. Results: The study was performed on 75 women undergoing ART cycles. Patients age was divided into five categories 40 years (n=45) 60.0 %, 41 (n=4) 5.30%, 42 (n= 9) 12.0%, 43 (n=6) 8.0% and =44years (n=11) 14.7%. The mean age of these women was 41.17±1.67. The mean number of retrieved oocytes per cycle was 5.69±4.78; embryos obtained per cycle were 2.71±3.96; No of transferred embryos was 1.16±1.01. The overall pregnancy rate was 6.0% (7/75) per cycle. The abortion rate was found in 5.86% (7/75) and the overall cancelation rate was 9.6% per oocytes retrieval. Conclusion: Aged women yield lesser number of oocytes as well as embryos. Pregnancy rates and delivery rates are also decreased. So the women of age more than 40 years must be counseled thoroughly before enrolling them in the ART programs. Keywords: Women, Age, Impact, Oocytes, Assisted reproduction, Technology, Outcome

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