Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Arif Ahmed Zhaidi, Asma Mehar, Raheel Ahmed, Salman Zahoor, Adnan Sarfaraz, Muhammad Shoaib Safdar.
Assessment of knowledge and practice of barbers & beauticians regarding hepatitis B and C.
Gomal J Med Sci Jan ;10(1):127-32.

Background: Barbers and beauticians can spread hepatitis B and C. The aim of this study was to assess the knowledge and practice of barbers and beauticians regarding Hepatitis B & C. Methods: This descriptive study was conducted from 1 st September 2009 to 31 st December 2009, on barbers and beauticians in Bahawalpur City. Fifty barbers and beauticians were selected by convenient sampling. Data was collected by a semi-structured questionnaire for knowledge assessment and a checklist for observing the practices at barbers /beautician’s shops. The questionnaire comprised of three sections. First section formulated to get the personal data and introduction of barbers/beauticians, second to assess the knowledge and practices, and the third was composed of checklist to notify the practices through observation. Data analysed using SPSS version 16. Results: It was noted that younger subjects were having good knowledge as compared to older. Education of even minimal level can contribute good knowledge about hepatitis B & C, as illiterates were having less knowledge. More experienced subjects showed poor knowledge as compared to less experienced. Out of 50 subjects 12(24%) were vaccinated against hepatitis B, and only 15(30%) had screen-ing. Regarding practice only 4% were using autoclave and boiling of instruments performed by only 20%. Antiseptics were used by 64% subjects. Both barbers & beauticians were not properly cleaning instruments, the percentage was 36% and 35% respectively. Use of separate instruments for all clients was not seen except disposable blades used both by barbers and beauticians in 98% and 90% respectively. Conclusion: The level of knowledge and healthy practice is poor in both barbers and beauticians and an urgent aware-ness program must be started to stop the hazardous practice in this profession.

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