Khalid Ahmed, Saif Ullah Shaikh, Rehana Rehman, Salwa Mansur Ali.
Frequency of Awareness and Practice of Stethoscope Hygiene with Regards to Guide Line Among Medical Students, Residents and Doctors in Karachi.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll May ;8(1):31-4.

Objective: the objective of the study was to identify ?implications? of guidelines provided to participants at the end of a survey for improvement in stethoscope hygiene. Methodology: A cross sectional survey was conducted from January to March 2016 in which a questionnaire was designed to know the awareness of stethoscope hygiene among health care practitioners. the questionnaire was distributed to 150 consented participants, out of which 138 complete (92%) responses [49, (32%) attending physicians, 50(33%) residents and 39(26%) medical students]; comprising of 84 (61%) females and 54 (39%) males was acquired. the responses included following consulting clinics (n=30, 22%), wards (n=41, 30%), intensive care units (n=41, 30%) and acute care units (n=26, 18%). at the end of the survey practicing guidelines were discussed and hard copy given to respondents. They were then asked to tell about to the impact of these guide lines on their measures to maintain stethoscope hygiene Results: It was observed that health care practioners consented to start stethoscope cleaning at the start of every clinic, 33.3% showed their intentions for educating others by verbal instructions, and 66.7% were said they will recommend alcohol swab for cleaning of stethoscope. Conclusion: the survey on stethoscope hygiene with practicing guidelines reflects the awareness generated in the respondents. It is further expected that they will disseminate the information and educate others to consider importance of stethoscope sanitation and practice its hygiene.

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