Rab Nawaz, Adnan Sarwar Khan, Bilqis Daud, Haseeb Ahmed, Nabila Naz, Saqib Khan, Mahmood Saleem Khattak.
Quality Assurance Of Health Care Services Of District Medical And Rehabilitation Complex Charsadda Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
J Postgrad Med Inst Jan ;31(2):163-8.

Objective: To determine the quality assurance of health care services of District Medical & Rehabilitation Complex provided to the people of Charsadda. Methodology: The study design was cross-sectional descriptive and conducted in District Medical & Rehabilitation Center (DMRC) at Charsadda from April 2015 to June 2015. Sample size was 96 by convenient non probability method and included patients visiting DMRC for seeking health care. Data was collected through questionnaires and analyzed in SPSS. Results: Out of 96 patients, there were 47 males and 49 females. Among all patients, 18% were less than 20 year of age, 57% in the age of 20 to 40 years, 16% from 41 to 60 year and 9% were more than 60 years of age. At DMRC, 50.9% of patients visited Eye unit, followed by Gynae unit (15.9%), Medical unit (16%), Psychiatry (8%), Orthopedic (3%) and Physiotherapy (2 %). While waiting for the health care providers, 47% patients waited for less than 30 minutes, 26% patient more than 30 minutes and 28% patients waited almost 1 hour. Regarding responsiveness, 99% patients responded about doctor’s behavior as polite. Regarding expenditures, 40% respondents spent less than Rs. 100 per visit, 41% spent Rs. 100 to Rs. 500 and 19% spent more than Rs. 500. Overall 61% of patients rated their visits as satisfactory. Conclusion: DMRC is providing quality services to the needy people of Charsadda and most of the patients are satisfied with it.

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