Muhammad Kalim, Fahd Khalid Umerzai.
Comparision Of Mean Healing Time And Mean Pain Scores Between Fistulectomy And Fistulotomy For The Treatment Of Low Fistula In ANO.
J Postgrad Med Inst Jan ;31(2):118-21.

Objective: To compare mean healing time and mean pain scores between fistulectomy and fistulotomy for the treatment of low fistula in ano. Methodology: This study was conducted at Department of General Surgery, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar. It was a randomized controlled trial carried out from February 13, 2015 to August 13, 2015 in which a total of 304 patients (152 in each group) were observed. Randomization was done utilizing lottery method. Fistulectomy was performed in patients in group A while fistulotomy was done in patients in group B. Post operatively, all the patients were kept under observation for next 48 hours. Intensity of pain on VAS was determined after 24 complete hours of surgery. Once stable, all the patients were checked on 2nd post-operative day for VAS again with clear indication of follow up every week for the next 4 week. This was done to check the wound healing time. Follow up was done in OPD and the researcher followed the patients himself. All the above mentioned information was recorded in a pre-designed perform. Results: This study shows that mean age in group A (fistulectomy) was 38 ± 2.03 years whereas mean age in group B (Fistulotomy) was 40 ±1.77 years. In Group A, 80% patients were male and 20% patients were female. Whereas in Group B, 77% patients were male and 23% patients were female. Mean pain score in group A was 4.05 ±1.78 whereas mean pain score in group B was 5.38 ±2.11 (P value =0.0001). Mean healing time in group A was 4 ±1.53 weeks whereas mean healing score in group B was 5 ±2.89 weeks (P value =0.0002). Conclusion: Fistulectomy technique was more effective as compare to fistulotomy in the treatment of low fistula in ano in terms of less post-operative pain and less healing time.

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