Amina Nadeem, Nuzhat Salamat, Nadeem Iqbal, Noor-ul Ain Siddique, Urwa Ejaz, Hareem Azhar, Rafia Masud.
Demographic Features of Donors and Causes of Blood Donor Deferral at Armed forces institute of Transfusion, Rawalpindi.
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jan ;66(6):898-902.

Objective: To determine the demographic features and causes of donor deferral in blood donors. Study Design: Descriptive study. Place and Duration of Study: Conducted at the Armed forces institute of Transfusion (AFIT) for a period of 1 year from Jun 2012 to May 2013. Material and Methods: Donors with ages ranging from 18-60 years who reported to the blood bank were incorporated in this study. A comprehensive history was taken from all the potential donors through a structured proforma. A detailed general physical examination was done by the appointed doctor at the blood bank. Furthermore, laboratory testing of the blood samples of potential donors was done. on this basis, donors were accepted or deferred. Results: the commonest cause of the donor deferral was hepatitis C (HCV) (28.6%), the second leading cause was anaemia (24%) and the third leading cause was hepatitis B (HBV) (16.8%). Syphilis was also a major cause of donor deferral causing the rejection of 10.4% donors. Conclusion: the donor deferral rate is 7.3% and the leading course of donor deferral are chronic infections like hepatitis C and B and diseases like anaemia.

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