Sheeza Imtiaz, Muhammad Saad Ahmed, Muhammad Kashif Shazlee, Sumayya Fatima, Kamran Hameed.
First Constellation of Extraskeletal Primary Eving\'s Sarcoma of Labia Majora with Cranial Metastasis: a Case Report.
Pak J Radiol Jun ;27(1):56-9.

Sarcomas are comparatively rare tumors of mesenchymal origin, which may arise from the soft tissues and viscera. Vulvar sarcomas are often misdiagnosed, because of their non-specific clinical manifestations and rare occurrence. They are characterized by rapid growth, high metastatic potential, frequent recurrences, aggressive behavior, and high mortality rate. Ewing family of tumours (EFTs) are extremely rare in the vulva and vagina, and only 17 cases have been reported. EFTs with metastasis are even more rare and only pulmonary metastasis has been reported so far. We here in this article report Primary Ewing?s sarcoma of labia majora in a 12 year old girl and its first constellation with cranial metastasis.

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