Junaid Iqbal, Sadia Rashid, Sumayya Fatima, Sorath Murtaza, Jaideep Darira, Muhammad Saad Ahmed.
Determine the Diagnostic Accuracy of Multislice Computed Tomography in Detecting Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Oral Cavity Taking Histopathology findings as Gold Standard.
Pak J Radiol Jun ;27(1):30-5.

Introduction: Carcinoma of the oral cavity is the second most common malignancy in both gender in Pakistan. Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common malignant tumor of oral cavity accounting for approximately 90% of oral cancer. Due to high morbidity and mortality associated with squamous cell carcinoma of oral cavity there need of early diagnosis and prompt management. Computed tomogrophy is more common and valuable imaging modality in the evaluation of carcinoma of oral cavity. It is also best and sensitive in evaluating cortical bone invasion of mandible. Objective: Determine the diagnostic accuracy of multislice computed tomography in detecting squamous cell carcinoma of oral cavity taking histopathology findings as gold standard. METHODS: A group of 161 patients with clinical suspicion of carcinoma of oral cavity were included in this study. Out of these 100 (62.1%) males and 61 (37.9%) females. All these patients underwent CT scan examination. Final diagnosis was based on histopathological examination which was done subsequently. Results: It was observed that multislice CT has the sensitivity of 80.8%, specificity of 68.3%, positive predictive value of 88.3%, negative predictive value of 56% and accuracy of 78.3%. Conclusion: Multislice CT has good sensitivity and speficity in the diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma of oral cavity.

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