Muhammad Anwar, Raza Sayani, Asad Shakil, Rabail Raza.
Emphysematous Pancreatitis - a Radiological Curiosity: Better Outcome with Early Aggressive Treatment.
Pak J Radiol Jun ;26(3):255-7.

Emphysematous pancreatitis is a rare variant of severe acute pancreatitis with gas in the pancreatic bed. It is diagnosed on clinical grounds and on the basis of the radiologic finding of gas in the retroperitoneum. This implies infected pancreatic necrosis which calls for intensive care and surgical intervention. We report the case of a 60-year-old male with a history of diabetes mellitus, vomiting and epigastric pain. The findings on CT suggested a diagnosis of emphysematous pancreatitis. Hence, vigorous fluid resuscitation and intravenous antibiotics were started immediately. The patient recovered successfully.

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