Mohammed Al Bokhamseen, Shaker Al Saad, Thakib A Al Shalan.
The Relative Effect of Different Socio-Economic Corresponding Author Factors on Saudi Parent`s Knowledge about the Importance of Primary Teeth.
Pak J Orthodont Ped and Comm Dentistry Jan ;1(2):118-20.

The objective of this study was to determine the relationship between Saudi parents`knowledge about the importance of their children`s primary teeth and the parent`s gender, age, education level and economic status. The data were collected by using self-administered questionnaires which were distributed through the school authorities of seventeen primary schools for boys in Al-Ahsa region in Saudi Arabia. A total of 1748 questionnaires were distributed and 952 parents responeded. Results showed that there were statistically significant differences between fathers and mothers, and between different educational and economical levels in their response to answer about the importance of primary teeth (P= 0.042, P= 0.000, and P = 0.000 respectively). No significant differences were found for the age group (P= 0.384). From these results, it is concluded that parents`s Socio-demographic factors investigated in this study play an important role in the parents` knowledge about the importance of primary teeth. We recommend that special effort should be directed to people with low Socio-economical level to increase their knowledge about the importance of primary teeth.

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