Kamil Zafar, Sheikh Bilal Badar, Farhan Raza Khan.
Intentional Replantation in a Maxillary Molar with Undesirable Root Fracture: a Case Report.
J Pak Dent Assoc Jan ;26(3):132-6.

Intentional replantation is done in cases of endodontic failures where conventional forms of treatment options either fail or become impossible. It involves the removal of the offended tooth, execution of extra oral apicoectomy followed by its reinsertion into the socket. The present cases reports demonstrates a scenario where a maxillary left first molar had a separated endodontic file extending beyond the apex that could not be retrieved. The decision of intentional reimplantation was made but unfortunately, the tooth underwent fracture in the course of extraction. The procedure was still performed with a reduced palatal root length. Fortunately, a favorable outcome was observed. However, for recording the long term survival, the patient is kept on follow-up. KEYWORDS: Endodontic failure, endodontic surgery, intentional reimplantation.

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